Slovenia Wild Rivers Camp 2017


In September (2017), Slovenia hosted the Wild Rivers Camp !


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From 22.09.17 to 28.09.17 in the Soča valley and in the capital city Ljubljana.


32 youths between 18 and 28 years old, from 13 countries came to Slovenia for a week of group work on water conservation, and more specifically on the protection of Wild Rivers. Travel costs and accommodation were covered via Erasmus+.

Due to the limited number of places, participants who demonstrate an active interest in wild rivers – for example by using the modules of our toolbox - were selected by their host organisations. 


The days were full of activities related to water and wild rivers protection. The participants had a chance to experience the wild rivers by going rafting all together on the beautiful river Sava Bohinjka, organise public actions to mobilise people on the issue of wild river protection, participate to political and artistic workshops, but also discover how to become an activist for water protection, learn on how to use social media for environmental protection purposes, and of course, participate to social events to get to know other youths engaged in water protection coming from all over Europe!


Get a good overview of the Camp by exploring the sections below ! 


The camp was organised by Leeway Collective (non-governmental organisation based in Slovenia), in partnership with several other European environmental organisations.


We were very excited to welcome our participants in Slovenia for 5 full days of Wild Rivers Camp, and very much forward to the next one ... !


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