About our Team

YNRA International Coordination: Inès Joubert-Boitat

Geographer and specialised in sustainable development issues.
Inès has actively supported the Youth Network for River Action since its first campaign in 2015 in Brussels "Big Jump Challenge". In 2016, she was in charge of the international coordination of the Berlin Urban River Camp, and she supported the organisation of the 2017 Wild Rivers Camp in Slovenia.
Her maxim: “What you plant now will be harvested later”


Youth Camp 2017 Officer: Neža Posnjak

Neža is geographer with a passion for rivers and activist mindset. In past years she has been coordinating river protection campaigns in Slovenia. Her focus are wild rivers which are vanishing due to river regulation measures, land use and dams. This year she is inviting you to join YNRA Youth camp in Slovenia, where we will put a spotlight on wild rivers. 

YNRA Communications Officer: Bela Kirkitadze

Bela is a President and one of the co-founder of NGO “Guardians of Ecology “ and has played an active role in our youth campaign, first as leader of a winning team from Georgia in 2015 and then as country co-ordinator for Georgia in 2016. This gives her lots of experience to help our network to inform and motivate young people for the cause of water protection. Her maxime: “Do it with passion or not at all”.

YNRA Education Officer for wild rivers: Lucie Galland

Lucie works for European Rivers Network in France. She's in charge of two main projects: "Rivers of Pictures & Streams of words" which is an Environmental education programme with schools in France; and development of the "Wild Rivers" label and Network in France and Europe. She's now supporting the Big Jump Challenge 2017 with responsibility for wild rivers education.

YNRA Homepage: Hao-Wei Chiu (David)

Hao-Wei just got his M.Sc. degree in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation from Greifswald University and has previously organized in The Intercollegiate Camp Activity and The Summer Program in Taiwan with other international college students. He is now supporting YNRA with responsibility for homepage updating. 

YNRA Education Offer for Arts: Nanuka Kobuladze

Nanuka is a young worker and works in many different spheres in Georgia. From 2015 she involved in the resolution of environmental problems, the project " Big Jump Challenge 2015" was the start of all this, which was the main incentive for her. This project has prompted her to establish Youth NGO "Guardians Of Ecology". In 2016, she was the project " Big Jump Challenge " coordinator in Georgia, which was the most successful (17 active teams in the project from Georgia). Nowadays she continues working with main team, partners to plan the water protection measures and future events about this topic in different countries.

Advisory board

Rafael Ziegler (GETIDOS)  

Julie van Overmeieren (Good Planet Belgium)

Roberto Epple (European Rivers Network)

Nathan Spees (WWF Austria)


Our Hall of Fame

BJC-Coordinator 2012: Nele Kapretz

BJC-Coordinator 2013-14: Sabrina Schultz

BJC-Coordinator 2015: Léa Bigot