Youth Parliament in Boulogne-sur-mer. A Letter from Nathan and Wynona

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Hello friends,


We are Wynona and Nathan from France, in this brief article we will tell you about our Youth Parliament for Water session (Parlement des Jeunes pour l’Eau in french) on Wednesday, 5th Oct. at Boulogne-sur-Mer, for The conference started at 9.45AM at the urban community building (next to the sea).

It started with a welcome speech by Viktor (president of YPW), Wynona and Benjamin (vice-presidents of YPW). They announced the plans for the sessions, who was invited what interests.Our day guests were two members of the natural parc Estuaires picards Mer d’Opale. They talked about Marine Biodiversity.



After their presentation, the roughly 100 participants separated in four workgroups, with the following themes:

- Group 1: What is marine biodiversity ? Give examples, numbers and specific example of Artois Picardie littoral.

- Group 2: What are biodiversity issues ? On ecological and economic points.

- Group 3: What are biodiversity threats ? Give example of Artois Picardie littoral.

- Group 4: What are the solutions to preserve biodiversity ? How are organized Artois Picardie’s littoral agents ?

After working on these subjects, we debated our conclusions.

After lunch, we talked and introduces ecological schools and other projects. Dunkerque Eco-School; Burgas Eco-School; finally, Berlin River Camp! And about the other projects, Douai Bio-tech students present their aquatic hunt that was intended to analyse water quality; in fact, it’s a water monitoring.

To conclude, Christine Dericq (our delegate from the Water Agency in Douai, France) exposed the future Youth Parliament for Water sessions and our project…. Big Jump in France! We planned to do this in 2017 but we need time and help from other associations to choose the right place.

4.15PM: The end.



We hope you enjoyed our report!

We wish you all the best,

Wynona & Nathan

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