Travelguide to a river - with the YNRA (in)to the Spree

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Quiet, tranquilo, beautiful, hermoso - an alternative travel guide to the Spree


With its new Travel guide to a river the international Youth Network for River Action (YNRA) invites you to a journey to the Spree of Berlin. Inspired not least by Goethe’s ideas on nature, the travel guide moves from first impressions of the Spree, via descriptions, poetry and painting ever closer to the river. Participants from 18 countries articulate their perception and relation to the river. Experience the sound of the Spree in English and French, Bulgarian and Romanian . . . and listen to poems via video-links in the text.  Via the exploration of our relations to the river, the guide eventually moves “into” the river: to the European River Swimming Day “Big Jump” and its demands for water protection. These are documented in the final part of the guide along with tips about projects, initiatives and information about the Spree and Berlin waters. The guide invites Berliners as well as those travelling to Berlin to a different journey to the capital and its future. “The Spree is not only a beautiful and powerful source of water or life, but a symbol for our very existence. Its future is ours. We are its present”, says YNRA participant Yoav Bar Ness from Israel.  Read more...

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