Montreal Grand Splash 2018

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The Canadian "version" of the Big Jump

Grand Splash Montréal, 3.7.2018

A brief interview with Alain Saladzius, president of the Fondation Rivières, a co-organiser of the Montreal Grand Splash, just after the jump into the St. Laurent River in the old port of Montreal, Canada. Questions were asked by YNRA advisory board member Rafael Ziegler (GETIDOS), who took advantage of a research stay in Montreal to participate in this Canadian "version" of the Big Jump.


What are the goals of the Montreal Grand Splash?

We want to sensitize people to water protection, and inform Montrealers about their bathing water quality and river water quality more generally. For this, we also monitor the river quality directly at the old port with the support of Bota Bota, a spa on the water, that uses a ColiMinder to analyse the bathing water quality in only 15 minutes.We want to improve access to the river for citizens and show the possibility of a refreshing and safe option to cool down in the city on hot days like this.


Photo: Grand Splash Montreal 2018 (Source: A. Ziegler)
Is there a possibility that such access will become available on a more regular basis, also beyond this annual event?

Yes, we hope that not far from here, at the beach of the Montreal Clock tower, there will soon be the option for river swimming. More generally, we hope for river swimming options all around the island of Montreal.

Is the Montreal Grand Splash also linked with other similar events along the St. Laurent River?

Yes, there is for example another one in Québec City. Generally, more and more events like this are coming up. It is really a social movement.  

Does the Montreal GranD Splash also have a concrete environmental goal?
We aim to sensitize people to water and river protection. In this way, we aim to create awareness and a corrective so that laws and policies are properly implemented, so that river quality further improves. In the long-term, thinking of climate change, this is really an issue that will become more and more important for cities.

Photo: A. Saladzius in interview with R. Ziegler after the grand splash (Source: A. Ziegler)
Last question, do you have a message for the European Big Jump on Sunday, July 8th?

We wish you a refreshing splash in these hot days! We have heard that there are some good laws in Europe, and we hope that the Big Jump will help with their implementation!



Photo: Invitation Big Jump 2018 (Source: ERN and WWF)


Video interview with Montreal mayor V. Planet, who also participated in the Grand Splash, available from here.

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