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Getting started

What are the first steps to participating in the youth network for river action? How can we now show that we are creative? And how do we draw attention to ourselves and convince others to work with us?






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Why do I need to register my team?

With your team profile you show the world that you join in. The Youth Network for River Action connects young people from across Europe, and beyond!

Of course it helps if you set forth on the struggle for water protection, even without reporting about it on our site.

Why is a complete profile so important?

With the set-up of your team profile you begin to publicise your action. Public relations means that you are trying to attract the attention of people, perhaps even their support. Here, the information, images and texts you work with are important: Your team photo gives a first impression of your troops and should make people curious for more! Your motto shows what issues are particularly dear to you. Specifying your location - as long as the place is secured - for your bathing area is important so that people can find you on the overview map and when using the search function. A little bit of time is worth taking, to put into the team profile - for looking for a partner team, for motivating fellow swimmers and jumpers, or for sending a link to people you want to win as partners and supporters.


Here's a few examples for great team photos: full of action at the River Action Training Camp, with clear demands on protest signs in Rottenburg, and dripping wet in a BUND Youth shirt at the Big Jump in Greifswald - and what's stopping you from showing off yours?

What do the next steps look like?

If you've registered and created an attractive team profile, you get your first action button, and we can help you to find a partner team from another country. This way you can support each other in collecting further action buttons by using the River Action Toolbox. You can find out how that works by consulting the Toolbox Manual.




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The first step for Jump teams is registering and developing a team profile that shows it all: "Hey look, look, here we are!" It's best to display your profile in such a way that shows off your good vibe and that you know what you're talking about: Funny pictures and a snappy motto are therefore a good start for your further actions. The following sessions will help you in your Jumps.

Session I: Photo session

In your team profile, you can place two images: a square profile photo and a banner photo.


Before you go on an image search, think for a moment, what you want to convey here: should your lake or river show up in it, your school or club logo? Do you already have a nice team photo? It often pays to take an actual picture! Then search out a good place for the shoot - in the classroom or on the sofa might look a bit boring. And also think about where you can get as good a camera as possible to make the photo, for example, so that it can be available for your newspaper for a report on your action - newspapers need at least 300 dpi, which is a very high resolution.


A human banner - a people banner - is a creative way to get people and your message together in a picture. This produces meaningful photos.

You can download the instructions for making a human banner here.

Image processing and upload:

So that your photos display perfectly on your profile page, make sure to pay attention to the following tips:

  • Compressing press-compatible photos is good, but don't overdo it! The image file can be as large as 4 MB.
  • Make note of the proportions (images are automatically cropped)!
  • If you want be sure: crop images correctly - Profile image: 201 x 201 px and banner image 860 x 446 px.

Has everything worked out and your images are displaying properly? Congratulations, you've managed the first step! (Not yet? Send us a cry for help at!)

Session II: Find a motto

We all get them stuck in our head, pithy slogans and jingles of the advertising industry. They are often so annoying and stupid, yet they impart a brief message that sticks. The content - that gummy bears make you happy or shopping at electronic discounters makes you look smart - may be debateable. If someone actually asks the question "Where do you get off making those claims?" a mix of "uh-er" and complicated explanations follow however. So let's use the methods of professionals who want to boost our consumer behavior, for the purpose of stimulating interest in water protection among your target audience. The following tool will help you with this.

Draft your slogan for freshwater protection!

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