Welcome to the campaign page of the Big Jump Challenge 2015, the youth campaign for European River Swimming Day in 2015!

What’s it about?

Every year thousands of people all over Europe simultaneously jump into their rivers and lakes. Is it fun? Of course! Is it for a good cause? For sure! And what is it all about? To set the stage for water protection. Why? Because the European Union (EU) has one big goal: all rivers and lakes should be in good condition by 2015. But many water bodies were still far from this state in 2015.

How did the youths joined in?

The Big Jump Challenge is the youth campaign of the Big Jump. It supported you and your team in the preparation of your Water Action. Below you will find the instructions the youths received in 2015. Maybe it can inspire you for a future campaign!

Timeline der Big Jump Challenge

1) Warming up!

Some teams already jumped into their water bodies for European River Swimming Day, to call attention to the ecological state of their local river or lake. If you didn't jump with us in 2014, no problem - as long as you’re with us to jump in 2015!


2) Find your partner!

Starting in summer 2014: You register to jump, and we'll help you find a partner team from another EU country to jump with you in 2015. You should know who your partner team is by 15th February2015. After that, it's of course still possible to organize an action for Big Jump 2015 – but be aware that by this time there is a possibility you may jump without a partner team. Register anyway – the important thing is to be there!


3) Prepare for partner jumps!

Prepare for partner jumps! - Starting in Fall 2014, you'll organize various community actions for water conservation and protection with your partner team. As preparation for the partner jumps in May/June 2015, you can try out our River Action Toolbox, for example, at team meetings, in classrooms or at workshops. The tools help you realise your ideas and to organize creative, effective events - so you can make waves for water protection!


4) Jump together!

The simultaneous partner jumps happen between May 1st and June 30th, 2015. Pick a time and date with your partner team so you can both jump at the same time in solidarity for freshwater protection.


5) Get your European leaders engaged:

Get your European leaders engaged! - On July 12th, 2015, Europe celebrates the European River Swimming Day with a Big Jump. In the target year of the EU Water Framework Directive, more than 300, 000 passionate river and freshwater protectors are expected to jump. In connection with this major event, we present your actions and ideas to policy makers at the European Rivers Parliament. Big Jump Challenge participants will discuss their ideas and wishes with political EU decision-makers.

The European Rivers Parliament shall take place in Brussels, and demands for water protection will be presented and discussed there. It shall be accompanied by an exhibition, which will be designed by all the teams – with your videos, photos, posters, information and results! And the best part: the most engaged and creative teams get to send a representative as a River Ambassador to the European Rivers Parliament.

What about the rest of you? Your experience will be needed to support the local events for the joint Big Jump 2015!





How can you be the most engaged and creative team?

You can show how engaged you are by using as many of the tools as possible, or using a few of the tools in the most creative ways - even before any of your jumps! Send us the evidence of your actions and engagement to show how creative your River Action Campaign really is, and we'll publish the results on your profile page to show everyone what you've done. There are also extra points for helpfulness and collaboration – because in the end it's important that we represent all the teams in Brussels and make waves for water protection.

You can find the River Action Toolbox here!