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Big Jump organization and public relations

The Big Jump Day 2018 is July 8, a Sunday as usual.

How can we organize a swimming action for water protection ourselves? What should we consider when it comes to a safe and fun jump? And how do we make sure that as many people as possible pay attention to us and our goals?







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Why should I plan a Big Jump carefully?

A Big Jump is a great, fun action with an important symbolic meaning. At the same time, it's an event that takes place in public space and motivates people to participate or at least to watch. Therefore, when planning the action a little event management is required: considerations for a timeframe and location, the people responsible for various tasks (cooperation partners, who does what?), and anticipation of risks is necessary. Costs, but also clear objectives, safety precautions and communication with all affected are  very important. In the end, you will then accomplish the most possible, if your event takes stage and goes off without a hitch and as a result triggers joy or surprise in many people, so that their attention is focused on your message - which should also be clear and easily recognizable in your action, something that is rarely accomplished spontaneously.

Why should we also think about the press when it comes to our Jump?

We can get through to people with a Big Jump, especially if it takes place in a crowded place. Many more people can be reached, however, when the swimming action is advertised in the newspaper, on the radio, in event calendars and social networks. And if a film crew or someone from the newspaper also then reports on it, you can reach even more readers and viewers. Thus, it's particularly good, by the way, to think about your own message and design your own action so that the message can be easily recognized at the first possible sight. Because though you may dive into conversation with spectators on site, in the news this would probably be reflected by only a short film or a single photo.

Why is security an important topic in the Big Jump?

The Big Jump wants people to reconcile again with their rivers and shows that there is a substantial need to enjoy a clean, vibrant environment - so clean and vivid that we can splash around happily in our rivers. However, this does not hide the fact that no river is created by humans for humans. They aren't swimming pools! They are natural waters, with currents, plants, animals, and often with ship traffic and other human uses. Here great cautionin the preparation of the event is absolutely necessary. Experienced river swimmers are your best guide and so it co-opeation with relevant authorities (water quality!), the police, fire and emergency services etc. We want to demonstrate the enjoyment and benefits of river swimming, not accidents or dangers!

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Now it's time to get down to business: Before you is not only the task of planning some action, but THE action - your Big Jump!

The necessary background knowledge, creative ideas, a rousing message and a couple other accessories - from painted T-shirts to the garbage monster - is all available via the other modules of the River Action Toolbox. Now it is time to take your message to the (water) streets, to our rivers and lakes. For this, carefully study our two key documents for the preparation of big jumps: Our safety guide and our checklist for event organization.

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So you've actually already jumped into the water for water conservation? Or you've organized a flash mob, a water dance or a river festival with your partner team, at the same time? Send us videos, photos and reports - definitely newspaper reports, if any - from your partner Jump! Please also do not forget to write about how many people were there, what feedback you received, what you have learned, and how to proceed in the future - maybe you have even set an improvement into motion or you've even gotten further engaged in water protection.


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All about the big jump and its history:

Read about the impact a youth jump can have:



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To find your own goals and ideas for living rivers in Europe and to develop your own ideas for a partner Jump, take a look at the tool for Visioning and symbolic action. If you still do not quite know what's going on with water protection for your river or lake, and you would prefer to prepare for that even better: Go back to Toolbox Overview and select another interesting topic!

Come by and check us out again, we regularly update our Toolbox with new ideas!

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