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River Action Toolbox Manual

For our wild rivers theme, we updated our river action toolbox with new materials:

  1. What is a wild river? (in “Freshwater Ecosystems”, PDF Download English, Français, Deutsch)

  2. Why should we protect wild rivers? (in “Water Ethics and Water Solidarity”, PDF Download English, Français, Deutsch)

  3. How are wild rivers protected? (in “Water Policy in Europe”, PDF Download English, Deutsch)

  4. Get River-walking! (in “visioning and symbolic action”, PDF Download English Deutsch)

  5. Kayaking (in “Freshwater Ecosystems”, PDF Download English)

As every year, we invite you to participate in the big jump. In 2018, the big jump date is 8.7.2018. For the jump preparation visit our module “big jump organization and PR”.

The new modules along with the old material of the the River Action Toolbox are all at your disposal. You'll find materials, step-by-step instructions, and ideas you can use for your team meetings, in lessons, or in workshops, to prepare for your river actions and jumps.




Do we have to work with all the River Action Tools?

You are not obligated to go through the entire River Action Toolbox! However, all of the River Action Tools are inspiring and helpful in one way or another. The more you use them in the preparation of your actions and events, the greater the impact your contributions will have for water protection.



Do we have to work with the proposed River Action Tools, or may we ourselves come up with something on the subject of the toolbox?

If you have ideas that go beyond the proposed tools, then that's even better! It is only important that you send us documentation for your results page, so we can show what you've done.

By the way: if you send us a guide describing exactly how your idea will be implemented according to a specific Toolbox theme, and we provide this as another River Action Tool available to all teams. We love such collaborative inputs, and as you will see the 2017 river action update is due to contributions from many countries.




Do we have to follow the order of the River Action Tools?

If it makes sense to you to use the River Action Tools in a different order, then you may do so. The list above is our suggestions, and it also reflects what you can do when it is still a bit too cold for swimming or kayaking!



What happens with our results?

If you have worked with a River Action Tool, then send us the results. This can be a video, a short report, photographs, text, images, or a poster you've designed. What you've done should be clear, as well as what impact it's brought about. If your team has a Jump Team Profile, the results will be published on your results page in a link on your Jump Team Profile. It is also nice to share them on our facebook page “big jump challenge”!



How does the selection for the river camp work?

The selection of the teams and river ambassadors for the camp will be based on your commitment and your creativity. That's why the summary of your results will be shown in your Jump Team Profile with the River Action Toolbox displays. There are River Action buttons which indicate what topics you were active in. Note: we can only fully confirm the wild river camp, following an Erasmus+ evaluation in May 2017. Erasmus+ is the European funding agency that has supported our river camps in 2016 and 2015.


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