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375 386 people demand strong EU law for clean water

The protection of our water needs strong EU guidelines: In recent weeks, 375 386 citizens across the EU have addressed this message to the European Commission, calling for the preservation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) and its goals. #ProtectWater. This makes the consultation one of the most successful citizen participations in the history of the European Union.

We at the Youth Network for River Action have been part of this campaign and thank everyone who has supported us in this matter. The many signatures send a clear signal not to dilute the EU Water Framework Directive. Rather the directive should be further implemented as a generational project for the protection of our rivers and lakes, and our water. At present only 40 percent of EU waters are in a good condition, and in some countries much less (Germany: 8,2 %). So much remains to be done!


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Youth water activists standing up for our rivers at EU Water Conference 2018

Magdalena Prieler's water conference account!

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RiverWalk in Germany !

WWF-Germany’s “ Youth program” proudly presents their first Riverwalk to take place along the Ammer River in Southwest Germany. And you can take part and walk with them – 92 km and 10 days along the beautiful Ammer River!

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Montreal Grand Splash 2018

A brief interview with Alain Saladzius, Fondation Rivières (Montreal).

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Rivers under threat and citizen engagement, in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dragana Skenderija is an activist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

She reports to us the situation in her country, through a one-year journey on actions for river protection.

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