Welcome to the website of the Youth Network for River Action. Our maxim: We borrow our water from future generations.


The sources of Europe’s water are protected under EU law – but some EU governments and economic lobbies want to weaken the law. Together, we MUST stop this from happening. 

The European Commission now wants you to have your say through its public consultation. This is your only chance to tell them to keep our water law strong. 

The organisors of this campaign have prepared the response that will best ensure that the law is kept safe. To send this to the European Commission on your behalf, please fill in your details and click ‘ACT NOW’. 
Thank you for supporting #ProtectWater!

We are proud to support the campaign #ProtectWater,

started by Living Rivers Europe (a coalition of five environmental and angling organisations: WWF’s European network, the European Anglers Alliance, European Environmental Bureau, European Rivers Network, and Wetlands International). They represent a movement of over 40 million people across Europe.

The Youth Network for River Action (YNRA), together with more than 100 other organisations from all over Europe, embrace their vision for a strong EU Water Law and call all our partners for action !



WHY now?

The law protecting European rivers and lakes is in danger from companies and governments who want to gut it! We need your voice to protect the law that protects our water and our future. You can find detailed information on the protection of our waters and the legal frame.


What now? 

Our message is clear: We want healthy, living rivers and water bodies. We want a strong water protection law, and want to see it implemented effectively across the EU. Last, we want youth participation at all levels and included in decision-making! Revisit our Youth Water Manifesto for these points in more detail!

In 2018 we must make sure that our message is heard by politicians and their advisors. They will debate the future of water law (also known as the Water Framework Directive) – and potentially make significant changes. Not necessarily in a good direction!

That is why we need to stand up and jump in now! Let’s make our voices heard! 

So now, fill in your details and click on "Act Now" !

You want to learn more on the campaign #ProtectWater? Click here


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